Schuco Juniorline 1/18 Motorcycle Models

Schuco Juniorline 1/18 Motorcycle Models

In the autumn of 2001, Schuco added another line of interesting models to its huge range: 1/18 scale motorcycles, following the huge success of the Piccolo 1/43 scale bikes and the larger, much more expensive 1/10 scale models.

As it often goes with sentiments, people want to hand this down to the next generation. However, the wind-up toys don't come cheap and are not very well suited for young children.
Therefore, Schuco decided to issue a less costly alternative in the shape of low-cost 1/18 scale models.
This series has been issued under the name of "Schuco Junior Line".

The 1/18 scale translates into models of some 13cm in length (some 5 inches).

In the list below you will find the current offerings in this line. It will be further expanded over time.

Schuco Juniorline 1/18 Honda Valkyrie Scale Model

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