The Schuco Story

The Schuco Story
The Schuco Story
An Introduction to Schuco Toys
Classic Jack Collectibles is a dedicated reseller of the great Schuco models from Germany.

The Schuco company was founded back in 1912 in the old town of Nuremberg, Germany.

The innovative designs soon found many customers in pre-war Germany and when the wind-up model of the legendary Mercedes Silver Arrow was produced, the production surpassed 8000 pcs. A DAY! Remember, this was in the 1920's!

The war naturally halted the production but in 1952 a new 130,000 sqft. facility was built in the Further Strasse in Nuremberg. Gradually, a change was made and the company ventured into die cast models with the introduction of the legendary Piccolo range while still upholding its backbone of wind-up tin toys. and in 1962 the company sold its 100.000.000st. toy.

However, the fall came as fast as the rise: the years 1966 - 67 saw a dramatic fall in sales and the tin toy production had to be given up. The attempt to change to plastic and die cast came too late. The end of the tin toy era was also the end of Schuco as the company went out of business in 1976

The name, however, was kept alive and after a short merger with Gama, the facilities were merged with Trix which belonged to the same family of owners.

In 1996 the company was separated again and new life was blown into it. Nowadays, Schuco demonstrates that even an old and traditional company can survive in the hard, modern, business world and produce its wonderful range of nostalgic and highly collectible "toys".

We were captured early by the shear magic of the Schuco "toys" and we hope you enjoy the Classic Jack website as we cater for all you current range and vintage Schuco needs.

The Schuco Story